Property Surveys

Most properties in London, regardless of their age or value, have problems that require immediate attention, and the last thing you want is to spend a fortune on a family home that needs thousands of pound’s worth of repairs.

Rather than take chances with your finances and family’s future, you could hire our chartered surveyors to perform a building survey, giving you a detailed insight into the property’s condition and true value as well as the power to secure a fair price at the negotiating table.

At Harding Chartered Surveyors, we can save you money through analysing a property’s condition, helping you decide whether it is a safe investment. Obtain a free non-obligation quote or call us to discuss your requirements with a chartered surveyor directly.

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Which building survey do I need?

We offer three types of building survey for London properties, with our Level 3 Building Survey being our most comprehensive. The following information will help you decide which survey is right for you but don’t hesitate to contact our professionals for more information and advice.

  • Building Surveys
    Don’t assume a London property is a bargain until you’ve allowed our chartered surveyors to uncover the truth about its condition. Our most comprehensive survey checks every nook and cranny of the building to highlight issues ranging from structural defects to utility faults, and it offers recommendations and a cost-estimate for any required repairs.
    If you want to invest your money wisely and potentially reduce the asking price of your potential property by thousands of pounds, then you should learn more about our comprehensive building surveys.
  • RICS HomeBuyer Reports
    Our most basic survey, the RICS HomeBuyer Report, utilises a straightforward traffic light system to give you an insight into the overall condition of a property. Because the report only highlights urgent issues, it’s most suitable for recently built homes that haven’t been greatly altered.
    Learn more about how the RICS HomeBuyer Report can help you decide whether or not your property of interest is suitable for the family.
  • Snagging Lists
    According to a recent survey, over half of new builds in London have defects, and the developer is usually responsible for putting things right. However, many homebuyers struggle to force their builders into taking action, especially if the developer has already received payment.
    Instead of trusting your developer to identify and fix issues, you could let our independent chartered surveyors produce a snagging list, which details all the defects that your developer is obligated to repair. Find out more about the benefits of obtaining snagging lists for London new builds.

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