Commercial Surveys

Before you purchase, lease, let, sell or alter a commercial property in London, you might either want or need to obtain a commercial survey report. By identifying building defects, we could help you shave a significant sum off a property’s asking price or avoid a poor investment altogether. Our commercial surveys can also help protect you from a legal standpoint, whether it’s an insurance claim battle or a dispute with a landlord or tenant.

In this article, we discuss the benefits of commercial surveys, factors that affect the price and the different types of survey available. We’ve also included some downloadable example reports at the bottom of the page so that you can see what you’re paying for. If you have any questions or want to book a commercial survey, get in touch with us on 020 3598 6730.

Commercial Surveys

At Harding Chartered Surveyors, we’re a team of highly experienced and fully qualified residential and commercial building surveyors in London. In addition to surveys, we can advise on party wall matters, provide valuations and even act as an expert witness in court. We also offer impartial advice regarding property transactions, providing support throughout every stage of the process.

Commercial Surveys

Local RICS Regulated Surveyors Providing Friendly, Helpful Professional Advice. Any Property Related Enquiry, One Of Our Expert Surveyors Will Be Delighted To Assist.

The Benefits of Obtaining a Commercial Survey

Many buildings have hidden defects that the seller may either keep to themselves or be unaware of. Therefore, commercial building inspections are a worthwhile investment. Our surveyors can identify defects that range from damp and wet rot to damaged foundations and structural issues, which could help you save thousands of pounds in the long run. However, building surveys are useful for more than just identifying problems.

The Benefits of a Commercial Survey include:
- They can help prevent legal disputes arising from buying, selling, leasing or letting a commercial property
- You can avoid surprises and expensive repair fees
- They help you gauge whether the asking price for a building reflects its true value
- You may need to undertake a commercial survey if you plan to make renovations or build new structures
- They can give you the upper hand during negotiations
- They can protect you from paying too much or too little for insurance
- You can find out about the future maintenance requirements of your building
Our experienced surveyors utilise their wealth of expertise and specialist equipment to inspect every exposed, accessible and visible area of a property. Following the survey, you’ll be given a thorough report with photographs that provides evidence of defects and overall cost-estimates for any required repairs. If you want our building surveyors to assess your commercial building, don’t hesitate to call us.

Different Types of Commercial Surveys
Similar to residential property surveys, commercial surveys must be conducted by a chartered surveyor, who will inspect the condition of the roof, walls and floors, both inside and outside of the property. Your commercial building surveyor will also offer recommendations for testing (a surveyor isn’t qualified to examine the likes of electrical and gas utilities, except to check they’re functional).

We offer the following commercial surveys to clients in London and Surrey:

A Pre-Acquisition Survey before Purchase or Lease
Before you lease or purchase a building, our surveyors can address its condition and repair needs by conducting a pre-acquisition survey, allowing you to anticipate and manage future expenditures and liabilities. We can conduct pre-acquisition surveys for tenants and landlords.

Schedules of Condition Surveys
This survey details the condition of a building before refurbishment works, taking a lease or letting the property. Schedules of conditions protect tenants against unfair repair costs requested by landlords. They can also help landlords ensure tenants live up to their obligations.

Dilapidations for landlords or tenants
If your tenant is responsible for covering the repair costs of any damage to your building, you’ll need to provide them with a Schedule of Dilapidations, which details the nature of the required works and estimates for costs and timeframes. If you are a tenant who feels they’re being mistreated, you may want to hire a surveyor to conduct a survey on your behalf and provide impartial advice.

Maintenance and repair schedules
Most properties have hidden defects that could cost thousands to put right. We can identify damage to your building and offer advice on the repair costs and any required maintenance, helping you protect your investment and anticipate future problems.

If you require a commercial survey for a shop, office, warehouse or industrial unit, contact the professionals at Harding Chartered Surveyors. We can act on behalf of landlords and tenants or as an independent third party.

Commercial Surveys

Commercial Survey Costs

The price of a commercial survey largely depends on the type of survey you require and how long it will take to conduct. This means that the larger the plot or property, the more expensive the survey will be. However, surveys for two equally sized plots in the same area of London can still significantly vary in price due to factors such as:
- The shape of the property
 - Not all properties have four straightforward sides that define the boundaries. If the plat on which your building lies is oddly shaped, you can expect to pay more for your commercial survey.

Type of survey
Basic surveys don’t address factors such as rights-of-way or easements. The more detailed a survey report you require, the more you’ll need to pay.

Availability of information
Commercial building surveyors often rely on a wealth of pre-existing information to produce a survey report. If such pre-existing information – which could include legal documents such as deeds – is unavailable, your surveyor will suddenly have a lot more work to do, thus increasing the price of your survey.
Other factors that can affect the cost of a survey include the location of your building, its current condition and the difficulty of conducting the survey. If you have any questions, call us. Our surveyors can advise you on the type of survey you need and the costs involved.

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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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10:05 23 Jul 20
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
Marianna Ciampa
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Very efficient and professional. I had my survey few months ago before buying my house and I am still following the advice from the survey to fix and repair what needed. I dealt with Scott Ingham and I think he worked very accurately and checked everything very carefully. Highly recommended.
Commercial Surveys
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Needed a valuation for a property purchase and can honestly say the service was 1st class from start to finish. Queries were dealt with promptly and followed up via telephone to make sure I was happy with the responses.The team are extremely knowledgeable.Thank you Kate, Albert, David and the rest of the team I will definitely use the company again.
Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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Commercial Surveys
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