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If you plan to claim on your insurance to repair or replace your roof, you’ll need an impartial report or a roof survey that proves you didn’t cause the damage and details the required repairs. Alternatively, if you’ve recently had work done to your roof and are displeased with the results, a roof surveyor can provide a report that enables you to take legal action. Whether you just want to gauge your roof’s condition or force a third party to fulfil their duty, our roof surveyors in London can lend a helping hand. Depending on the type of survey you choose, we can provide photographs, advice on the necessary remedial works and guidance on costs. Call us today to book your comprehensive roof survey or keep reading below to find out what we offer.

What is a Roof Survey?

If safe, our surveyors can visually inspect your roof to assess its condition. For hard to access or dangerous areas, we’ll use specialist pole cams to survey your roof and all its components.

In short, a roof inspection gives you an accurate estimate of:

  • The roof’s potential lifespan

  • Whether it would be more cost-effective to repair or replace the roof

  • The overall condition of the roof as well as components such as gutters and chimneys

Roof Surveys for Insurance Purposes

Should you need to claim on your insurance to pay for roof repairs, you’ll be required to provide your insurer with an independent survey report detailing the damage and required works. While we compile your report, we can take photographs and create a detailed account of what caused the damage to help ensure your provider lives up to its obligations.

Roof Inspections for Planned Works

In most cases, it’s your freeholder’s responsibility to keep your roof in top condition. If your roof is leaking, we can assess the cause and extent of the damage to create a detailed report for you to pass on to your landlord. If your landlord refuses to repair the damage, you can use your roof survey report to take legal action.

Roof Surveys for Leaseholders

In most cases, it’s your freeholder’s responsibility to keep your roof in top condition. If your roof is leaking, we can assess the cause and extent of the damage to create a detailed report for you to pass on to your landlord. If your landlord refuses to repair the damage, you can use your roof survey report to take legal action.

Roof Surveyors

The Benefits of a Roof Inspection

By hiring our roof surveyors, you can:

  • Avoid being accused of making false insurance claims
    Instead of letting your insurer try to wriggle out of paying for your roof repairs, you can obtain an impartial report that details the nature of the damages and how much they will cost to put right.

  • Ensure your freeholder lives up to their responsibilities
    By getting a roof survey report, you can prove that your roof is in desperate need of repair and force your freeholder to take action.

  • Plan property alterations with your eyes open
    We can tell you how much your alterations should cost, how long they will take to complete as well as provide you with the required documentation to obtain planning permission.

Recent Reviews

Roof Surveyors
David Good
10:34 20 Jul 19
Harding Chartered Surveyors are a very professional business who handled a challenging task for us with ease. I highly recommend them and will be using their services again.
Roof Surveyors
Karen Ng
22:30 01 Jul 19
Very efficient service and very detailed report. We are very satisfied.
Roof Surveyors
Lily Kwong
10:38 24 Jun 19
Really quick turn around and professional service.
Roof Surveyors
Neill Ghosh
14:22 11 Jun 19
Have used for years and always been very happy. Competitive on service and always good on deadlines and quality. Recommended.
Roof Surveyors
Kevin Loughlin
20:27 28 Mar 19
The surveyor turned up on time as planned to survey the roof, both inside and out, then was happy to discuss it all with us afterwards. Bit tricky in high winds. Report arrived 2 days later, just what we needed. Professional and thorough. Recommended.
Roof Surveyors
Jon Brennan
09:44 01 Mar 19
Quick, responsive and very thorough. Would definitely recommend Hardings to others, and will come back to them the next time I need a survey completed.
Quick, efficient and excellent service. Came as a recommendation from a friend and we’d happily recommend too.
Roof Surveyors
A Google User
16:25 16 Dec 18
Thorough and professional surveyors. Very happy with their service. Highly recommended.
Roof Surveyors
A Google User
15:54 10 Nov 18
Good, thorough, and promptly scheduled homebuyer survey in Fulham. The surveyor called me and explained everything clearly.
Roof Surveyors
A Google User
14:12 18 May 18
We had two homebuyers surveys conducted by James. He was extremely knowledgeable, transparent and went the extra mile to inform my girlfriend and I of the results of each survey. Would highly recommend.
Roof Surveyors
A Google User
10:41 29 Apr 18
I highly recommend David. Very good technical knowledge. He was always available for our questions, which included a detailed call on the same day as the survey. The written survey report was clear, detailed and included pictures and estimates of the cost of repairs.
Roof Surveyors
A Google User
11:16 09 Jan 18
David gave us a fantastic service and has been a huge help during our property purchase process. We have had 2 surveys carried out, both of which were arranged very promptly. Thorough and extremely useful telephone calls and full written reports were received shortly afterwards. David's reports and advice have been invaluable to us.
Roof Surveyors
Sarah Dixon
14:13 08 Jan 18
I have worked with David and his team as a buying agent for many years now. The service they offer is an excellent one, timely with a commonsensical approach. I would recommend them to anyone.
Roof Surveyors
Elif Erdine
14:30 04 Oct 17
Very experienced firm and friendly staff. Highly recommended.
Roof Surveyors
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