Non-Domicile Tax Valuation

What is a Non-Domicile Tax Valuation?

Various taxation laws apply to non-domiciles who sell or lease a home in London or anywhere else in the UK. Depending on your situation, you might be exempt from certain charges, and you may even be required to pay taxes on the gains from your property’s sale to your country of residence. A non-domicile tax valuation tells you what applies to you, how much you need to pay and how to sell or dispose of your London home legally.

If you live abroad and want to sell your London property, you’ll need an accurate market valuation. However, you also need to pay tax on the gains from the sale, and you may require a rental income assessment if you intend to lease your home. Fortunately, our RICS registered valuers can value your property accurately, assess your tax obligations and prevent potentially costly disputes.

Non-Domicile Tax Valuation Quote

Non-Domiciles Tax Valuation, Harding Chartered Surveyors
Non-Domiciles Tax Valuation, Harding Chartered Surveyors

Benefits of a Non-Domicile Tax Valuation

Non-domicile tax valuations allow you to:

  • Gauge Your Property’s Accurate Value
    Find out what asking price to set for your home with a current and independent market valuation.
  • Reduce Your Tax Contributions
    Learn about the exemptions and reliefs that apply to you so that you can keep hold of your cash.
  • Avoid Legal Disputes
    Let our RICS registered valuers determine your home’s value and required tax contributions with absolute precision.
  • Sell Your Property without Returning Home
    Don’t leave your country of residence to sell or lease your London property unless necessary.

Do non-domiciles need to pay capital gains tax on their London properties?

Historically, non-domiciles from the UK weren’t subject to taxation laws when selling or leasing a London property, but the rules changed following the announcement of the April 2015 budget. Now, you may need to pay tax on any income that goes through the UK, such as if you transfer foreign income to a UK bank account. Regarding capital gains tax, you’ll likely need to pay tax depending on how much profit you make, your total taxable income and your remittance basis.
The UK’s taxation laws are notoriously complex, but our RICS registered valuers can provide a robust report for your legal advisors or solicitors so that you can make informed and beneficial financial decisions.

Are non-domicile tax valuations a worthwhile investment?

From as little as a few hundred pounds, you could obtain a non-domicile tax valuation that could help you maximise the gain from your home’s sale, raise or dispute legal challenges and dispose of your property without returning to London. Contact London’s independent RICS valuers at Harding Chartered Surveyors on 020 3598 6730 for more information.