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Bexley, a vibrant borough in the southeast of Greater London on the northern borders of Kent, uniquely appeals to homebuyers. With its perfect blend of metropolitan convenience and suburban charm, buying in Bexley can be an exciting journey. However, it's important to consider arranging a property or home survey. Whether you're a first-time home buyer or a seasoned property investor, engaging an RICS Chartered Surveyor will ensure you make a well-informed decision about the condition of the property.

A surveyor in Bexley, chartered by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), is equipped with the experience and knowledge to conduct a comprehensive RICS Level 3 Building survey or an RICS Level 2 Homebuyer Report.

In addition, a building surveyor can provide a professional property valuation. This evaluation accurately estimates the property's worth, which is invaluable when negotiating the purchase price.

Furthermore, if you're planning renovations affecting an adjoining property, you may require advice on the Party Wall Act. Your RICS Chartered Surveyor can guide you through this process, ensuring you adhere to legal requirements and maintain good neighbourly relations.

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Types of Property Surveys

Understanding the type of survey you need for your property in Bexley can often be confusing. Let's delve into the primary types of property surveys Bexley surveyors offer.

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RICS Level 2: HomeBuyer Report

The RICS Level 2 HomeBuyer Report is recommended for properties in reasonable condition. This survey focuses on urgent matters that require attention or could affect the property's value. It provides a clear and concise overview of the property's condition, including any visible defects and potential issues.

RICS Level 3: Building Survey

The RICS Level 3 survey, or the Building Survey, is the most comprehensive. It's recommended for older properties, listed buildings, or properties in poor condition. This survey includes a detailed analysis of the property's condition and an in-depth examination of the building's structure and fabric.

Specific Defect Survey

A Specific Defect Survey focuses on a particular issue or defect within the property. If you're aware of a specific problem in the property, this survey will thoroughly investigate the issue, its causes, implications, and recommended repairs.


RICS Valuations are sometimes called ‘Red Book’ Valuations. That’s because accredited surveyors follow the guidelines laid down by the RICS. These are a set of guidelines that stipulate how valuations should be carried out from start to finish. This ensures consistent standards across all regions of the UK.

Choosing the Right Home Survey

Choosing the proper survey depends on various factors, including the type of property, its age, and condition. For instance, a newer property in good condition may require just a HomeBuyer Report. In contrast, an older, potentially listed building might benefit from a more detailed Building Survey. If you're unsure, then please read more on the differences between the two surveys from this article.

Finding a Trusted Bexley Surveyor

There are various ways to find a trusted surveyor in Bexley. Ensure the surveyor you choose is a member of a recognised professional body such as the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS). This affiliation ensures the surveyor is appropriately qualified and adheres to professional standards.

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Can Harding Chartered Surveyors help?

Harding Chartered Surveyors can provide invaluable assistance if you're purchasing a property in the London Borough of Bexley or seeking a valuation.

As an independent firm, Harding Chartered Surveyors offer unbiased advice and recommendations. The Harding team are members of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS), a prestigious organisation known for its high professional standards and stringent code of conduct. This means you can trust their team to conduct your survey to the highest quality, adhering to the latest industry standards. As RICS building surveyors with an office in Bexley, they deliver a full range of property surveying services tailored to your needs.

Should the survey reveal any potential issues, they may recommend further investigations or suggest renegotiating the price with the seller. Either way, they aim to help you proceed with your purchase confidently and with all the facts at your disposal.

So, when considering a quote for a survey in Bexley, look no further than Harding Chartered Surveyors. Their local knowledge and RICS accreditation make them a trusted partner in your property purchase journey. Contact us today for more information.

FAQs About Bexley Surveyors

1. How much does a survey cost in Bexley?

The cost of a property survey in Bexley can vary based on the type of survey and the property's size and value. On average, a HomeBuyer Report can range from £650 upwards, whilst a Building Survey may cost between £850 upwards. Always request a quotation before proceeding.

2. How long does a property survey take?

The duration of a property survey can depend on the type of survey and the property's size and condition. A HomeBuyer Report might take 2-3 hours, while a Building Survey can take longer due to its comprehensive nature.

3. Can a survey affect the property's selling price?

Yes, a survey can influence the selling price of a property. If the survey uncovers significant issues or defects, it can be used as a negotiation tool to lower the asking price.

4. What if the survey finds a problem?

If a survey identifies a problem, you'll typically receive professional advice on the next steps. This could include recommendations for further specialist investigations or estimates for repair work. These findings can influence your decision to purchase or renegotiate the price.


Whether buying a property in Bexley for the first time or being a seasoned investor, Surveyors are crucial in ensuring you make an informed decision. They help you uncover potential issues, understand the property's true value, and give you peace of mind in your property journey. So, don't overlook the importance of a thorough property survey before closing the deal.

From homebuyer reports to more detailed house surveys and even party wall advice, the comprehensive property services offered by Harding Chartered Surveyor are designed to help you navigate the property market effectively. This level of professional service allows you to understand the condition of your potential property and make an informed decision when buying a new property in this bustling London borough.

So, if you're considering purchasing in Bexley or the wider South East region, don't hesitate to engage the services of Harding Chartered Surveyors in Bexley. They're here to ensure your buying process is as smooth and informed as possible.

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Recent Reviews from Harding Chartered Surveyors

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Based on 120 reviews
We are very pleased with the service you have provided and would certainly recommend you in future .
Very positive experience. We hired Harding Surveyors to carry out a building survey on a commercial property to be leased from the council. They did a great job and we went back to them again to carry out a schedule of condition report, prior to us moving in. Very helpful, friendly, good communication, and reasonable price. Would recommend.
Dependable and timely - would recommend
Harding Chartered Surveyors have provided very efficient and professional services with their valuation for Probate purposes. Very good communications at the outset when inquiring about their services with prompt response, as well as addressing questions after their report was sent to me.I also found their fees reasonable compared to other quotes. Highly recommended
The report is excellent and was provided promptly. All aspects of the service were handled efficiently and professionally. Many thanks to Charles and the team.
Seamless experience. Very swift and well organised with a thorough survey completed and report returned within less than a week of booking!
Cannot recommend enough. Communication has been excellent throughout the entire process, very accommodating and fast turnaround. Everyone I have spoken to has been so helpful and kind, to make a difficult process much easier.
Excellent and professional services by Mr. Ali. I am indeed very pleased. I will recommend to my friends and others who wants to avail the services of Harding Chartered Surveyors.
Great fast and easy to book. Great price and most of all great staff.
Great experience dealing with Alaa, very helpful and informative, going above and beyond at any opportunity. Thanks!
Very professional and diligent in their assessment. Our surveyor Alaa Ali has been very responsive and patient with all of our queries providing excellent professional advice on the matter. Will definitely recommend them.
I would thoroughly recommend this company. The appointment for a surveyor came quickly. The surveyor was thorough and explained the items he found wrong. The report came through very promptly.
Excellent and very professional work by Kate for the planning and Charlie for the valuation and report - highly recommended.
Excellent service from all the surveyor team.
Very efficient professionals, quick response, I would definitely use their services again.
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