Homebuyers Survey for London Properties

Is your new property of interest the perfect family home or a building that’s hiding costly problems? Instead of leaving the future of your finances and family’s comfort to chance, let our chartered surveyors provide a RICS HomeBuyer Report, which highlights urgent problems in the property that could end up being your family home for years.

Qualified chartered surveyors frequently find construction issues, utility faults and potential legal disputes when surveying London homes, yet only one in five buyers obtain a RICS HomeBuyer Report before purchasing a property.

At Harding Chartered Surveyors, we can uncover the truth about your potential home’s condition to help you decide whether or not your property of interest is a safe investment. Obtain a free quote or call us to discuss your requirements with a chartered surveyor directly.

How much is a HomeBuyers Survey for London areas cost?

A Homebuyers Survey for London properties varies depending on the size of the property, but the present starting price is £400. The Report details structural issues, such as subsidence and damp, in addition to other severe problems inside and outside of the property. You can also request an additional valuation to see if the home’s asking price reflects its value.  Nowadays, most homebuyers rely on a lender’s mortgage valuation to determine whether or not a property is suitable for their family and if its value is accurate. However, mortgage valuations are far from thorough, and they’re primarily purposed to satisfy the lender rather than the buyer.

RICS HomeBuyer Reports use a traffic light rating system to highlight the most serious property defects and safety issues.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties

HomeBuyers Report Example

Click on the button below to download a HomeBuyers report example that we produce(also includes our valuation report).

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
Karen Ng

22:30 01 Jul 19

Very efficient service and very detailed report. We are very satisfied.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
Lily Kwong

10:38 24 Jun 19

Really quick turn around and professional service.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
Neill Ghosh

14:22 11 Jun 19

Have used for years and always been very happy. Competitive on service and always good on deadlines and quality. Recommended.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
Kevin Loughlin

20:27 28 Mar 19

The surveyor turned up on time as planned to survey the roof, both inside and out, then was happy to discuss it all with us afterwards. Bit tricky in high winds. Report arrived 2 days later, just what we needed. Professional and thorough. Recommended.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
Jon Brennan

09:44 01 Mar 19

Quick, responsive and very thorough. Would definitely recommend Hardings to others, and will come back to them the next time I need a survey completed.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
Abi and Andy La Fontaine

20:57 20 Feb 19

Quick, efficient and excellent service. Came as a recommendation from a friend and we’d happily recommend too.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
A Google User
16:25 16 Dec 18

Thorough and professional surveyors. Very happy with their service. Highly recommended.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
A Google User
15:54 10 Nov 18

Good, thorough, and promptly scheduled homebuyer survey in Fulham. The surveyor called me and explained everything clearly.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
A Google User
14:12 18 May 18

We had two homebuyers surveys conducted by James. He was extremely knowledgeable, transparent and went the extra mile to inform my girlfriend and I of the results of each survey. Would highly recommend.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
A Google User
10:41 29 Apr 18

I highly recommend David. Very good technical knowledge. He was always available for our questions, which included a detailed call on the same day as the survey. The written survey report was clear, detailed and included pictures and estimates of the cost of repairs.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
A Google User
11:16 09 Jan 18

David gave us a fantastic service and has been a huge help during our property purchase process. We have had 2 surveys carried out, both of which were arranged very promptly. Thorough and extremely useful telephone calls and full written reports were received shortly afterwards. David’s reports and advice have been invaluable to us.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
Sarah Dixon

14:13 08 Jan 18

I have worked with David and his team as a buying agent for many years now. The service they offer is an excellent one, timely with a commonsensical approach. I would recommend them to anyone.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties
Elif Erdine

14:30 04 Oct 17

Very experienced firm and friendly staff. Highly recommended.

Homebuyers Survey for London Properties

Benefits of a RICS HomeBuyer Report for a London Property

A RICS HomeBuyer Report allows you to:

  • Gauge the Property’s Accurate Value
    If you choose to get a house valuation while having a property surveyed, you’ll know whether the asking price is fair.
  • Ensure the Property Is a Safe Place to Live
    Our RICS HomeBuyer Reports detail severe issues that could potentially put your family’s safety and comfort at risk.
  • Secure A Powerful Bargaining Chip
    By proving a home requires urgent repairs, you can reduce the asking price significantly, especially if you opt for a report with a valuation.
  • Identify Areas for Improvement
    If you decide to move into a problematic property, you’ll already know what work needs to be done thanks to having a RICS HomeBuyer Report.

Is a RICS HomeBuyer Report a Worthwhile Investment?

From as little as £400, you can obtain a RICS HomeBuyer Report while securing peace of mind about the future of your finances and the comfort and safety of your family. You may also end up shaving thousands of pounds off the property’s asking price.
The basic RICS HomeBuyer Report is just one of the building surveys we offer. Don’t forget to get a free quote to see which survey is right for you and how much will it cost, and don’t hesitate to contact our qualified London chartered surveyors on 020 3598 6730 with any questions.