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Types of Valuation Reports

Are you planning to take out a mortgage for a new home? Do you need to pay inheritance tax on land and property you’ve just fell heir to? Are you in the throes of a divorce trying to divide assets? At some point in our lives we will all need a valuation of one form or another for different reasons, and when the time comes, it is best to seek out experts, rather than trawling through websites to find an unreliable online tool that most likely will give you an inaccurate valuation. If you are not sure when to hire chartered surveyors who can give you an accurate valuation of a property, we’ve made a short summary of the different situations when property valuation reports are needed.

What a RICS Valuer does?

Property-related issues are never straightforward, but a good property valuation report by a professional RICS Valuer can make it much easier for you to buy your dream home, sell a property for the appropriate market price, calculate inheritance tax, or to pay off your help-to-buy loan. It is also important to note that a property valuation is not a building survey, so it does not highlight defects or cost of repairs.

Valuation Reports - RICS

Types of Valuation Reports

Market valuation (Property Valuation Report)

Buying a property is a major financial commitment, so it is crucial to get an accurate valuation on the building to determine its market price. Market valuation reports briefly detail a home’s overall condition, and also describe its size and location. The property’s price is based on factors such as size, condition and defects, location, proximity to public transport, age, quality of fixtures and fittings, outside space, and parking.

Equity Valuation

Do you want to pay off your help-to-buy loan? Would you like to increase your share of ownership while reducing your rent payments? London property prices are prone to fluctuation, so you need a valuation report that details your property’s current value to ensure that your terms are fair. Equity valuations let you know how much additional equity you can purchase from your housing developer or the Housing Association.

Right to Buy Valuation

The Right to Buy scheme allows tenants to purchase their council or housing association home at a significant discount. But would you trust the accuracy of your landlord’s valuation? If you want your home’s value independently verified, you need to obtain a RICS Right to Buy valuation. But remember, a valuation only offers a brief overview of a property’s condition, so if you need a detailed building survey, that’s a different story.

Probate and Inheritance Valuation

Coping with the loss of loved ones can be one of the most painful experiences of life. Dealing with their affairs just adds to the hardships. Chartered surveyors, however, can help you decrease the amount of administrative hassle by providing you with an accurate and timely valuation. A probate valuation is required to distribute the deceased’s estate to the legal beneficiaries. You may need to pay inheritance tax if the estate’s value is over £325,000. The gains from any property’s sale are subject to capital gains taxation laws, but the amount you owe should be based on the estate’s value at the time of the benefactor’s passing.

Capital Gains Tax Valuation

You need to pay capital gains tax when you sell or ‘dispose of’ an asset that’s increased in value. So, if you bought a house in London for £200,000 and later sold it for £500,000, you’d pay tax on the gain of £300,000. But figuring out what you owe in capital gains tax can be more complex. The amount you pay depends on your taxable income, the gain, and any entitled income tax reliefs. You may also still need to pay capital gains tax on assets which are sold at a loss if your total taxable gains for the year exceed the tax-free allowance.

ATED Valuation

ATED is an annual tax payable mainly by companies that own UK residential property valued at more than £500,000. An accurate ATED valuation report by a RICS registered surveyor can help you reduce your annual tax bill for the next five years, avoid potentially costly penalties and raise disputes to the district valuer if necessary.

Non-Domicile Valuation

Making an informed and beneficial financial decision about selling your UK property if you don’t reside in the United Kingdom, and understanding related tax requirements is not an easy task. But an accurate market valuation makes it much easier. A non-domicile tax valuation tells you – and your legal advisors and solicitors – what applies to you, how much you need to pay, and how to sell or dispose of your London home legally.

Divorce Settlement Valuation

An impartial matrimonial valuation is required if the divorcees can’t decide on how to divide their assets fairly. You’ll need a valuation from a RICS registered valuer for a judge to decide how to distribute your assets in accordance with the law. A divorce settlement valuation can help you receive what’s rightfully yours and reduce your legal fees significantly in the long run.

Insurance Reinstatement Valuation
If you own a property, it is crucial that it is fully insured. In most cases, home insurance packages are based on the cost of reinstating a property on a particular date rather than its current market value. Insurance reinstatement valuations let insurance providers know what the cost of rebuilding a damaged structure is likely to be should it sustain such substantial damage.

Commercial Valuation

Commercial valuation surveyors assess the value of commercial properties such as shops, offices, and warehouses. The numerous purposes of commercial valuation can include loans, taxation, insurance, or charity act. This kind of valuation report can be based on several different methods. One of the most common is the investment method.

When you need a Valuation Report

Buying or selling a property, dividing assets in a divorce procedure, dealing with inheritance affairs are all watershed moments in our lives. We need accurate information, knowledge, and foresight to make the right decisions. To commission an independent and reliable chartered surveyor to compile a valuation report in any of the different situations detailed above can help you make a better decision that leads to better outcomes.

At Harding Chartered Surveyors, RICS registered valuers operate completely independently of lenders, meaning they prioritise your best interests. Harding chartered surveyors have been valuing homes in London and Surrey for homebuyers, landlords, tenants, and investors for more than two decades with a team who has over 60 years of combined experience under their belt.

The Harding’s team consists of RICS chartered surveyors and registered valuers with expertise in Building Surveys, Valuations, Leasehold Reform, Party Wall matters, and Expert Witness.

Valuation Reports - RICS
Bene Walters
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I requested Harding to provide a valuation for a lease extension. Albert Wellington was in charge of my property and he was extremely professional and helpful in addressing all my concerns. I would recommend him and the company with no hesitation.
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A very efficient, timely and thorough service for us, as we go through the house buying process. I'd definitely use them again.
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Very satisfied with service. Report was delivered promptly and provided the information we needed.
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Excellent service; professional, helpful, communicative and courteous as well as relatively quick. I would highly recommend.
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Very efficient and professional. I had my survey few months ago before buying my house and I am still following the advice from the survey to fix and repair what needed. I dealt with Scott Ingham and I think he worked very accurately and checked everything very carefully. Highly recommended.
Valuation Reports - RICS
Amel Ahmed
16:15 13 Nov 19
Needed a valuation for a property purchase and can honestly say the service was 1st class from start to finish. Queries were dealt with promptly and followed up via telephone to make sure I was happy with the responses.The team are extremely knowledgeable.Thank you Kate, Albert, David and the rest of the team I will definitely use the company again.
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Millie Jones
16:07 30 Oct 19
Harding's were great - very responsive, gave a very clear and detailed report and were happy to run through their comments with me over the phone.
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Brilliant thorough service!
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Dealt with James Brook, very efficient and professional, James had the report sent out to us within 24hrs. would highly recommend.
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Harding Chartered Surveyors are a very professional business who handled a challenging task for us with ease. I highly recommend them and will be using their services again.
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Very efficient service and very detailed report. We are very satisfied.
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Really quick turn around and professional service.
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Have used for years and always been very happy. Competitive on service and always good on deadlines and quality. Recommended.
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Kevin Loughlin
20:27 28 Mar 19
The surveyor turned up on time as planned to survey the roof, both inside and out, then was happy to discuss it all with us afterwards. Bit tricky in high winds. Report arrived 2 days later, just what we needed. Professional and thorough. Recommended.
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Jon Brennan
09:44 01 Mar 19
Quick, responsive and very thorough. Would definitely recommend Hardings to others, and will come back to them the next time I need a survey completed.
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Quick, efficient and excellent service. Came as a recommendation from a friend and we’d happily recommend too.
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Thorough and professional surveyors. Very happy with their service. Highly recommended.
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Good, thorough, and promptly scheduled homebuyer survey in Fulham. The surveyor called me and explained everything clearly.
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Daniel Vernazza
10:41 29 Apr 18
I highly recommend David. Very good technical knowledge. He was always available for our questions, which included a detailed call on the same day as the survey. The written survey report was clear, detailed and included pictures and estimates of the cost of repairs.
Valuation Reports - RICS
James Palairet
11:16 09 Jan 18
David gave us a fantastic service and has been a huge help during our property purchase process. We have had 2 surveys carried out, both of which were arranged very promptly. Thorough and extremely useful telephone calls and full written reports were received shortly afterwards. David's reports and advice have been invaluable to us.
Valuation Reports - RICS
Sarah Dixon
14:13 08 Jan 18
I have worked with David and his team as a buying agent for many years now. The service they offer is an excellent one, timely with a commonsensical approach. I would recommend them to anyone.
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08:57 05 Oct 17
James provided a very professional and thorough service, highly recommended.
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Very experienced firm and friendly staff. Highly recommended.
Valuation Reports - RICS

Example Valuation Report

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Valuation Reports - RICS