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Damp is one of the biggest problems affecting UK homes, with up to five million properties considered to be in a state of ‘substantial disrepair.’ Damp can spur the growth of mould, which can adversely affect your health and mood. In more severe cases, damp can cause woodworm infestations, wet and dry rot, timber decay and structural issues, which is why it’s wise to address the problem sooner rather than later. If you think that damp could be an issue in your home, then you ought to call our damp surveyors in London to provide a comprehensive London damp survey report. We can explain the dangers of damp, offer repair recommendations and advise on how to prevent damp from becoming a problem again.
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What is a Damp Survey?

Our independent surveyors will inspect your property using conductivity meters and relatively readings to compile a report that details the cause of the problem, risks of neglect and how to tackle the issue. Specifically, our damp surveyors will identify the type of damp in your home, allowing you to eliminate the problem before it becomes dangerous.


Condensation usually appears in rooms that generate lots of moisture. While water droplets are the most obvious sign of condensation, other symptoms can include unpleasant odours and dark mould, a problem that accounts for 3% of all required housing repairs in the UK. An independent damp and timber survey will tell you what’s causing the problem, whether it’s poor ventilation or a heating issue. Fortunately, addressing condensation can be as simple as placing fans or dehumidifiers in vulnerable rooms, but only qualified damp surveyors can offer dependable advice.

Rising Damp

If you notice tide marks on your walls, peeling paint, wet patches or damaged skirting boards, you may have a rising damp problem, which most commonly affects older properties. Rising damp occurs when porous materials, such as mortar, bricks and stone, soak up moisture, and the dangers include timber decay, wet rot, various health conditions and more. Whether it’s due to the damp-proof course in your walls being ineffective, poor ventilation or a drainage problem, it’s crucial to resolve the issue promptly for the sake of your comfort, finances and home’s condition.

Penetrating Damp

Penetrating damp usually refers to leaks in your property, and the signs include damp patches, bubbling plaster and – in severe situations – holes in your ceilings. Like the previous types of damp, penetrating damp can lead to black mould growth, respiratory illnesses and structural defects in your property. Common causes of penetrating damp include gutter failure, cracked walls and damaged roofs, but it’s best to trust specialist damp surveyors in London to diagnose the problem.

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Why You Should Obtain a Damp Survey Report

By hiring our damp surveyors in London, you can:

  • Find out what’s causing damp in your home
  • Prevent the problem from spiralling out of control
  • Force your landlord or freeholder to repair the problem
  • Provide your insurer with impartial evidence should you need to claim
  • Protect your family against various health conditions
  • Potentially save hundreds – if not thousands – of pounds in the long run

Do you need a Damp Surveyor in London?

If you think that damp may be present in your property and want to know how to tackle the problem for good, then call our damp surveyors in London on 020 3598 6730.

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16:25 16 Dec 18
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15:54 10 Nov 18
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14:12 18 May 18
We had two homebuyers surveys conducted by James. He was extremely knowledgeable, transparent and went the extra mile to inform my girlfriend and I of the results of each survey. Would highly recommend.
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Daniel Vernazza
10:41 29 Apr 18
I highly recommend David. Very good technical knowledge. He was always available for our questions, which included a detailed call on the same day as the survey. The written survey report was clear, detailed and included pictures and estimates of the cost of repairs.
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James Palairet
11:16 09 Jan 18
David gave us a fantastic service and has been a huge help during our property purchase process. We have had 2 surveys carried out, both of which were arranged very promptly. Thorough and extremely useful telephone calls and full written reports were received shortly afterwards. David's reports and advice have been invaluable to us.
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I have worked with David and his team as a buying agent for many years now. The service they offer is an excellent one, timely with a commonsensical approach. I would recommend them to anyone.
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Elif Erdine
14:30 04 Oct 17
Very experienced firm and friendly staff. Highly recommended.
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