Freehold Valuation London

Getting a Freehold Valuation for your London property can prove beneficial for countless reasons, from increasing the property’s value to securing a long-term home. However, purchasing freeholds isn’t always the best course of action for qualifying leaseholders. Armed with accurate collective enfranchisement reports, you can negotiate with your eyes open and ensure the acquisition process goes smoothly.

At Harding Chartered Surveyors, our team of RICS registered valuers can produce comprehensive collective enfranchisement reports and offer invaluable advice. In the process, we’ll help you protect your finances, prepare for future responsibilities and potentially save money. Call us today to speak with a London-based RICS valuer directly.

What does a Freehold Valuation in London or Surrey involve?

Under the amended Leasehold Reform Act 1993, qualifying leaseholders can collectively acquire their freehold building. To find out whether you qualify and how much the acquisition should cost, you might need to obtain a collective enfranchisement report from a RICS register valuer. Read below to see whether it is worth your investment to get a Freehold Valuation for your London property.

Should I buy my London freehold?

By acquiring a freehold, the participating leaseholders can:

  • Claim full ownership of the freehold, usually by forming a company
  • Increase their leasehold’s value
  • Extend leases by up to 999 years, making them more attractive to buyers
  • Eliminate ground rent, service charges and other landlord fees

Collective enfranchisement isn’t appropriate for all qualifying leaseholders. Acquiring a freehold can be a lengthy process, making it difficult to keep all leaseholders interested. Moreover, settling on a fair price, understanding the responsibilities of freehold ownership and coordinating all parties involved can prove challenging. Fortunately, our RICS valuers can remove many of those obstacles.

The benefits of a Freehold Valuation in London

By obtaining a collective enfranchisement report, you can:

  • Get an accurate market value of your leasehold and freehold building
  • Hire an impartial representative to coordinate technical matters on your behalf
  • Understand the possible outcomes of the negotiations
  • Secure a fair price for the acquisition

Discuss collective enfranchisement valuations with a RICS valuer

Qualifying leaseholders can benefit in more ways than one by purchasing their freehold building, but it’s crucial to find out whether it’s the right choice for you. Our London-based RICS valuers can help you secure peace of mind about the future of your comfort and finances, and because we work completely independently of lenders, you can trust that we prioritise your best interests.
If you’d like to discuss collective enfranchisement with a RICS registered valuer directly, don’t hesitate to contact the experts at Harding Chartered Surveyors on 020 3598 6730.