Covid 19 Update

General Information

Respecting Your Health and the Health of Others

Our work revolves around inspecting homes. Inevitably, we encounter home owners, their family and friends and other members of the public on a daily basis. We are mindful of concerns regarding Covid-19 and would like to reassure you that we are committed to the health and safety of everyone we encounter.

What precautions have we implemented?

In the event that a member of our team displays symptoms of Covid-19 as described in the latest advice provided by the NHS, they will self-isolate. In the event that an appointment has been made to inspect a home, and prior to the inspection, the surveyor displays potential Covid-19 symptoms, we will cancel the appointment. Every attempt will be made to rearrange the inspection by another available surveyor for the same time or for the nearest available slot. In such circumstances, a delay in the process is likely to arise.
In order to complete our surveys thoroughly, inevitably surfaces must be handled. Subject to availability, all our surveyors will carry disposable gloves which will be used immediately prior to entry to your home.

We are doing valuations and survey site inspections subject to :

  • The property being vacant. Or,
  • The occupiers being out for the duration of the inspection or
  • The occupiers confining themselves to one room while the others are inspected, then de-camping into another secure room while the first room is inspected.
  • Social distancing rues must be observed at all times.
  • We will not attend site if any of our surveyors is unwell.
  • Our surveyors will wear gloves at all times.
  • Our surveyors will wash their hands immediately before entering the property.

If you have any questions or concerns, please do call our office.

Thank you for your assistance, and we wish everyone good health in these challenging times.

Party Wall Information

In the light of the new and novel Coronavirus (COVID-19), Harding Chartered Surveyors thought it might be helpful to explain how this could impact the party wall process, both for new and pre - existing Appointing Owners (party wall parlance for 'the entity that instructed you to deal with Party wall Act matters'). 
Firstly, some aspects of our work are desk based. This can include reviews of proposals, and drafting of paperwork. Some paperwork can be sent electronically (with the recipients permission to do so), with the remainder (often initial Notices, where email points of contact aren't known) usually sent by Royal Mail. 
Hardings Chartered Surveyors will continue to follow Government, and Public Health England advice, with regards to travel, and visits to occupied properties. We are happy to pick up, and drop off keys, as we often do for survey and valuation inspections. 
This information may change as the situation in London and the wider area changes. We look forward to working with you, either as a new instruction, or a pre - existing Customer.